Treeline Designz is an Oregon-based, internationally-known, award-winning firm offering landscape, garden, interior, architectural and environment and sustainable community development design and consultancy. We work with residential,commercial and public spaces.Treeline Designz is inspired by both ancient and contemporary traditions. Today,Treeline Designz brings their commitment to beautiful, enduring design from commercial developments to private gardens.We excel at design, communication, networking, consultation and project management including urban extensions and regeneration schemes.
Treeline Designz works in the U.S. and internationally. No matter, who or where Treeline Designz work,
Our mission is unwavering:to create “Better Places for Life.”

• Landscape Design

• Garden Design/Consultancy

• Interior Design/Consultancy

• Architecture Design/Consultancy

• Environmental Design/Consultancy

• Project Management and Supervision

• Sustainable Community Development Design/Consultancy